If you’re into UML and, like me, use plantuml to generate your diagrams, then you may know the plantuml file watcher. It displays changes you make to the plantuml source file automatically upon saving it.

This is a good solution for my work machine, where I have to use Windows 7. But at home, we use Linux exclusively, so I was looking for a similar solution. I searched the internet a bit, but found nothing similar, so I tried to find another solution.

I found when-changed (python). That, together with a shell script, does what I need:

Script: 1: kill running image viewer 2: invoke plantuml 3: rerun image viewer with newly-generated image

Just have the script run by when-changed on your plantuml source file.

Edit 2022-03: No neeed for local installation, https://www.planttext.com/ is a browser based plantuml editor with image rendering.

Geschrieben von Jan Niggemann in Computer und Technik am 21.03.2013