Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs (or short: WinFLP) is the name of a special version of Microsoft Windows XP. It is only available through Microsofts software assurance program. Essentially it is a slimmed-down version of Windows XP Pro adressing just basic needs, but it’s quite fast and IMHO only has one disadvantage: No dial-up support.

Calm down, I know that WinFLP doesn’t support dial-up anyway, but I’d really prefer it over an nlited version of XP Pro because it only starts 24 processes and 45 services. Read on and help me to get DUN to work in WinFLP!

Modem recognized and working – sort of
On both machines, the modem is correctly recognized and installed by WinFLP. I can user HyperTerminal to connect to both, the built-in and the mobile phone modem and – using AT commands – I can dial out. Using windows own DUN, I always get error 633, stating that the modem is already in use or not correctly configured. And no, it’s not that I forgot to disconnect my session in HyperTerminal ;-)

We’re not alone
Some people have contacted me, saying they have the same kind of problem. Hmm, that makes me believe that, following usual tactics, Microsoft must have flipped a bit somewhere in the DLLs or in the registry, to stop DUN from working. I therefore think that one could possibly “repair” WinFLP to do modem connections.

If you have an idea, just drop me an email by using the link ‘Kontakt’ on the left. You can write in English, French and German.

If I get valuable information, I’ll edit this article to keep you informed!

Geschrieben von Jan Niggemann in Computer und Technik am 20.03.2008