WARNING: The obnam project was retired in 2017!

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This documentation is for reference use only, please use another backup solution instead.
Hint: Many users have migrated to restic.

Other stuff

This chapter discusses topics that do not warrant a chapter of their own, such as compressing backups and running Obnam from cron.

k4dirstat cache files

k4dirstat is a utility for visualising the disk space used by a directory tree. Obnam's kdirstat command can be used to produce a listing of the contents of a generation in a format which can be read by k4dirstat using File, Read Cache File from the k4dirstat menu. e.g.

$ obnam kdirstat --client CLIENT --generation GENID > CLIENT.kdirstat.cache
$ gzip -v9 CLIENT.kdirstat.cache # OPTIONAL

CLIENT.kdirstat.cache[.gz] can now be read by k4dirstat.