WARNING: The obnam project was retired in 2017!

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This documentation is for reference use only, please use another backup solution instead.
Hint: Many users have migrated to restic.

By error code

By name

BackupErrors (R4C3BCX) : There were errors during the backup

BackupRootDoesNotExist (R79ED6X) : Backup root does not exist or is not a directory: {root}

BackupRootMissingError (R338F2X) : No backup roots specified

BagIdNotSetError (R7137EX) : Bag id not set: cannot append a blob (programming error)

ClientDoesNotExistError (R1CA00X) : Client {client} does not exist in repository {repo}

DuplicatePeriodError (R45B50X) : Forget policy may not duplicate period ({period}): {policy}

Fail (RDF30DX) : {filename}: {reason}

FileNotFoundError (R7B8D0X) : FUSE: File not found: {filename}

ForgetPolicySyntaxError (R9808DX) : Forget policy syntax error: {policy}

FuseModuleNotFoundError (RABC26X) : Failed to load module "fuse", try installing python-fuse

GAImmutableError (RB4324X) : Attempt to modify an immutable GADirectory

GpgError (R0C79EX) : gpg failed with exit code {returncode}: {stderr}

HardlinkError (R02C17X) : Cannot hardlink on SFTP; sorry

This is due to a limitation in the Python paramiko library that
Obnam uses for SSH/SFTP access.

InvalidPortError (R5914DX) : Invalid port number {port} in {url}: {error}

KeyAuthenticationError (RCB0CAX) : Can't authenticate to SSH server using key

LockFail (R681AEX) : Couldn't create lock {lock_name}: {reason}

MallocError (RCEF5CX) : malloc out of memory while calling {function}

MissingFilterError (R169C6X) : Unknown filter tag: {tagname}

NoFilterTagError (R173AEX) : No filter tag found

NoHostKeyError (R5F98AX) : No known host key for {hostname}

NoHostKeyOfWantedTypeError (R8AAC1X) : No known type {key_type} host key for {hostname}

NotARepository (RA920EX) : {url} does not seem to be an Obnam repository

ObnamIOError (RCE08AX) : I/O error: {filename}: {errno}: {strerror}

ObnamSystemError (RD5FA4X) : System error: {filename}: {errno}: {strerror}

RepositoryAccessError (RBF6DDX) : Repository does not exist or cannot be accessed: {error}

RepositoryChunkContentNotInIndexes (RA881CX) : Repository chunk indexes do not contain content

RepositoryChunkDoesNotExist (R43272X) : Repository doesn't contain chunk {chunk_id}. It is expected at {filename}

RepositoryChunkIndexesLockingFailed (R8F974X) : Repository chunk indexes are already locked

RepositoryChunkIndexesNotLocked (RE187FX) : Repository chunk indexes are not locked

RepositoryClientAlreadyExists (R41CE6X) : Repository client {client_name} already exists

RepositoryClientDoesNotExist (R24424X) : Repository client {client_name} does not exist

RepositoryClientGenerationUnfinished (R57207X) : Cannot start new generation for {client_name}: previous one is not finished yet (programming error)

RepositoryClientHasNoGenerations (REFB32X) : Client {client_name} has no generations

RepositoryClientKeyNotAllowed (R1A025X) : Client {client_name} uses repository format {format} which does not allow the key {key_name} to be use for clients

RepositoryClientListLockingFailed (RB1048X) : Repository client list could not be locked

RepositoryClientListNotLocked (R6C1C8X) : Repository client list is not locked

RepositoryClientLockingFailed (R6EAF2X) : Repository client {client_name} could not be locked

RepositoryClientNotLocked (R0BE94X) : Repository client {client_name} is not locked

RepositoryFileDoesNotExistInGeneration (R3E151X) : Client {client_name}, generation {genspec} does not have file {filename}

RepositoryFileKeyNotAllowed (R79699X) : Client {client_name} uses repository format {format} which does not allow the key {key_name} to be use for files

RepositoryGenerationDoesNotExist (R0B15DX) : Cannot find requested generation {gen_id!r} for client {client_name}

RepositoryGenerationKeyNotAllowed (R6A098X) : Client {client_name} uses repository format {format} which does not allow the key {key_name} to be used for generations

RepositorySettingMissingError (R01F56X) : No --repository setting. You need to specify it on the command line or a configuration file

RestoreErrors (RD6259X) : There were errors when restoring

See previous error messages for details.

RestoreTargetNotEmpty (R3E1C1X) : The restore --to directory ({to}) is not empty.

RootIsNotADirectory (RA4F35X) : {baseurl} is not a directory, but a VFS root must be a directory

SeparatorError (RB927BX) : Forget policy must have rules separated by commas, see position {position}: {policy}

SetMetadataError (R0FC21X) : {filename}: Couldn't set metadata {metadata}: {errno}: {strerror}

ShowFirstGenerationError (R91CA1X) : Can't show first generation. Use 'obnam ls' instead

SizeSyntaxError (R22E66X) : "{size}" is not a valid size

ToplevelIsFileError (R018FCX) : File at repository root: {filename}

URLSchemeAlreadyRegisteredError (R0F22CX) : VFS URL scheme {scheme} already registered

UnitNameError (R283A6X) : "{unit}" is not a valid unit

UnknownRepositoryFormat (RF4EFDX) : Unknown format {format} at {url}

UnknownRepositoryFormatWanted (RA7D64X) : Unknown format {format} requested

UnknownVFSError (R826A1X) : Unknown VFS type: {url}

WrongHostKeyError (R47416X) : SSH server {hostname} offered wrong public key

Note that this may due to an obsolete host key in your "known
hosts" file. If so, use "ssh-key -R" to remove it. However, it can
also be a sign that someone is trying to hijack your connection to
your server, and you should be careful.

WrongNumberOfGenerationSettingsError (R2FA37X) : The restore command wants exactly one generation option

WrongNumberOfGenerationsForDiffError (RA5942X) : Need one or two generations

WrongNumberOfGenerationsForVerify (R3B42AX) : verify must be given exactly one generation

WrongURLSchemeError (RB8E98X) : SftpFS used with non-sftp URL: {url}