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Supporting Obnam development

Obnam is free software: you get full access to the source code, you can modify the software as you wish, and you can distribute copies of the software in its original or modified form. It is also free of charge.

One of the goals of Obnam is to make sure everyone has access to nice backup software, and are not beholden to anyone else for that software. You can use Obnam, and store your backups anywhere that suits you, and the Obnam developers have no say in that.

However, Obnam development requires some resources. Obnam is primarily developed by Lars Wirzenius, its original author (hi!), in his free time. If you would like to help support Obnam development, here's a list of things you could do:

Note that any of these are optional. If you like Obnam, and are happy just using it, that's completely OK.